Ingrown Toenail Removal

Ingrown toenails are common and can be very painful for those suffering. They can be caused by cutting the nails incorrectly or by poorly fitting shoes. Some people’s nails are such a shape they are just prone to them.

Surgery involves removal or all or part of the nail. The nail bed can also be treated to prevent the nail growing back. This is usually reserved for recurrent cases. It can be done under local anaesthesia, local with twilight sedation or general anaesthesia.

Wedge resection – involves removing a quarter to a third of the nail
Zadiks procedure – involves removal of the entire nail with treatment to the nail bed to prevent the nail growing back

You can expect some discomfort after the surgery but will be provided with a prescription for some painkillers. Keep your foot elevated where possible after surgery. The toe will be bandaged for half a week or so and need to be kept dry. Following that and after review by Dr Adams, it is generally ok to get it wet and you can apply a dressing yourself at home. Complete healing can take six weeks or more.

Ingrown Toenail Removal

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