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We offer a wide range of health care options for all age groups, with a particular emphasis on breast cancer and general surgery.

Urgent Appointments Available

Dr Felicity Adams understands the time between receiving your diagnosis of breast cancer and meeting your specialist can be very stressful. She therefore strives to reduce this anxiety by providing a prompt appointment.

For patients with biopsy proven breast cancer, Dr Adams will make every effort to see you within 3 working days on receipt of your referral*. Whilst most breast cancers are usually slow growing and this doesn’t change your outcome, speaking to Dr Adams and formulating a plan for further investigation and treatment can go a long way in reducing stress and feeling reassured.

*excluding periods of leave
*privately insured patients only

Please note for other confirmed cancers (other than breast cancer but excluding skin cancer) we will also strive to provide an urgent appointment, please contact us with your referral and we can schedule you an early appointment.

Dr Felicity Adams, Specialist Breast, Endocrine, and General Surgeons

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